About Topeka Hindu Temple

A Hindu Temple in Topeka is a historical necessity!!

Topeka has been a home for several Indian families since 1960s. Topeka has offered many opportunities for Indians to grow and enrich themselves. However, one thing that all of us have missed for several decades is a Hindu Temple to worship and celebrate our culture. Hindus from Topeka travel to Kansas City for religious needs. Having a Hindu Temple right in the heart of Topeka is a dream come true for many generations of people and a great blessing. With this desire and dream we started this historical effort to build a Hindu Temple in Topeka. Temple will bring us closer to God, experience his grace and enrich ourselves. Temple will also bring the community together to worship and clebrate our cultural events in a place of our own. Above all Hindu Temple will be a great gift for future generations of Indians who will live in Topeka.

Please join this historical effort in making this dream come true. Please make your contributions - it is a rare opportunity for you to give future generations a priceless gift. Please join temple group as volunteer and be part of movement.

Our vision and objectives are as listed below:

  1. Build temple of worship honoring our age old traditional customs from all states and regions in India.
  2. Build community center/hall for community use for educational, sports or cultural events.
  3. Promote ideals of Hinduism like non-violence, vegetarinism and spirituality.